How Does It Work?

Every business has a target consumer and this is what the provider takes into consideration. For example, if a company operates in Canada, then the list can be narrowed down to include only emails in that particular area. Further geographical specification can be achieved, such as targeting only business emails operating in Toronto, Canada.


Geography isn’t the only limiting factor, however. Providers can further narrow down the search to include only those businesses in a specific industry, a certain number of employees, or a specific amount of yearly revenue. The purchase of business lists with such precision increases the chances of a sale as you are sending only to businesses that can use what you offer.


What Are the Benefits?

Emails continue to be a powerful marketing tool as companies choose to buy B2B mailing lists to extend their customer base. While creating your own Canada email database is definitely possible, the procedure often takes time and results are largely inaccurate.

Fortunately, you can buy targeted email list through B2B data lists providers. These companies do not just churn out B2B email lists for sale but make a point of creating a system that allows you to narrow down your target market.

Buy Targeted Email List – Other Benefits

The targeted nature of marketing however is just one of the benefits of managing to purchase business lists from a good provider. Here are some of the reasons why a B2B contact database can be better than social media:

  • It’s a permission-driven system. This means that the owners of the emails provided have given their permission to be contacted. This makes them more accepting whenever messages are received.
  • Emails are wonderfully personal as opposed to social media. They are also harder to ignore compared to Facebook posts where scrolling down is practically a habit. Through an email message, it’s more likely for recipients to open the message and respond to what they received.
  • A B2B contact database allows for easy measurement of your marketing efforts. You can easily find out which emails are responsive and which ones are no longer useful. They can be further added into or refined so that you can create a more receptive email list.
  • Emails can also drive engagement in other aspects of your marketing efforts. It can be used to drive traffic to your blog, your Facebook account, Twitter, and more.
  • It’s a deeply personal approach that lets businesses foster the illusion of exclusivity. You can advertise brand new products through email; introduce exclusive sales and issue freebies and bonuses through email. Unlike social media where you ‘post’ information, emails are akin to handing your client list a gift certificate directly.
  • You can easily communicate with the businesses in your list, allowing you to get replies and forge an intimate conversation with the guarantee of privacy.

Of course, it stands to reason that the benefits mentioned are only possible if you buy B2B email database from an excellent provider. Make a point of looking for Canada business email leads that allow you to narrow down your choices to a specific market.