Business Directory Canada


Country : Canada
Provinces : All Canadian Provinces Included
Last Update : 2017 June
Total Contact Records : 800,000
Total Emails : 800,000
Total Phone Numbers : 800,000
File Type : CSV /Excel


Canada Business Database

If you are looking to buy targeted email list, buy a b2b email list, and own the ultimate Canada business directory, we have what you are looking for.

CanadaBusinessDatabase is a Canada-based B2B marketing company which focuses on providing businesses with a list full of potential leads. Our email list provides access to a b2b data list that will help your business grow. Our Canadian business database holds different companies coming from different industries.

Are you a business start-up company still learning the ropes of the online business world? Or are you an established company aiming for further growth?  Our mission is to help businesses reach their highest potential by providing a well-targeted and efficiently-segmented Canada business email leads.

Bellow Data Fields Included for Ontario Business Database

  • Industry Category
  • Company Name
  • First Name of Contact
  • Last Name of Contact
  • Contact Title
  • Contact Phone
  • Contact Email

Actual Database is similar as bellow screenshot and sample

  • Street Address
  • City
  • Postal Code
  • Country
  • Number of Employees
  • Revenue of Company



canada business database

Download Free Sample Database

Mailing lists for businesses and telephone directory canada are very important. “Money is on the list,” that is what many online businesses say. It improves your company’s visibility. But building a list requires patience and creativity. Setting up highly converting landing and click-through pages require some level of expertise.

Eliminate the daunting task of list building. Instead of building your b2b data lists from scratch, we will provide you the head start so you can focus more on the products and/or services you are offering. We provide a comprehensive and detailed list containing direct phone and email contacts compared to any other list providers.

Other list providers will require you to integrate other systems into your business. This means you will have to buy not only their contacts but also adapt to their systems. Often, these systems will require technical knowledge which will take a significant amount of time to master.

Features Of Canada Email Database

Canada Business Database will not alter the flow of your business and system. No learning curve is required. You will just have to download a CSV file containing 800,000 potential leads, clients, and partners. You cannot find any other simpler to integrate business directory canada than what we offer.

Here is the list of Data Fields featured in our b2b contact database:

  • Industry Category – indicates the type of industry where the company belongs to. This field will enable you to target and segment companies belonging to a specific industry.
  • Company Name – indicates the company name.
  • First Name of Contact – indicates the contact person’s or the decision maker’s first name.
  • Last Name of Contact – indicates the contact person’s or the decision maker’s last name.
  • Contact Title – indicates the position title of the contact person.
  • Contact Phone – indicates the direct phone number of the company. Phone calls are still important means of marketing your company. This important piece of data is often overlooked by b2b email lists for sale.
  • Contact Email – indicates the valid email of the company. This data is the vital piece to push through with email marketing in Canada.
  • Street Address – indicates the street address of the company.
  • City – indicates the city where the company is physically located.
  • Postal Code – indicates the postal code of the company.
  • Country – indicates the country where the company is located.
  • Number of Employees – indicates the number of employees of the company. This data will help you see the size of the company you are addressing your campaign to.
  • Revenue of Company – indicates the revenue of the company

If you want to expand and grow your business, partner with us to increase your network with different companies belonging to a wide range of industries. We will provide you with definitive Canada business email leads. The amount of your business’s reach will determine your business’s growth.

Benefits of Canada Business Database: What Makes Us Better than the Others

Here are the benefits you’ll get if you choose us to be your partner for growth:

Reach different Industries in one go

CanadaBusinessDatabase’s Canada email list includes a wide range of contact list from varying industries. These industries include Consulting, Education, Technology, Retail, Hospitality, and a lot more.

This will provide you the versatility of reach whenever you launch a new promotion or campaign. Thus, you can get to see and test what industries respond well to certain campaigns and promotions.

You can also segment your campaigns to specific industries depending on your intended target market.

Reach decision-makers efficiently

Company executives, presidents, vice presidents, secretaries are listed in the list provided by our database. Therefore, you will know who to address your emails, letters, and phone calls to. You get to avoid spending time on researching for whom to contact when trying to promote to companies. Reaching decision-makers can never be this easy.

Boost your client network

More contacts will mean more leads. Our Canada email list will boost your campaigns and promotions with traffic coming from efficiently targeted contacts. More contacts lead to more sales. With our 800,000 contacts integrated into your business, you will boost your client network and increase the number of your business partners.

Simple List Integration

CanadaBusinessDatabase will not require any other system for integration. You will be provided with Excel or CSV file once your purchase is confirmed. Integration into your existing mailing systems or auto responders is simple. If you have an existing database, you can easily import our list into your system. No need to make significant changes and upgrades, no technical stuff, no learning curve. Just download the file that we will provide you, and then import it into whatever system you are currently using.

Lower Marketing Cost and faster ROI

Instead of building the list yourself, you proceed at establishing your relationship with list of canadian companies in our company database canada. This lowers your marketing cost and enables you to regain your investment faster.

CanadaBusinessDatabase’s b2b contact database is the best investment you will ever make in terms of enlarging your reach. Your business’s network will reach new heights. No more time lost in list building. You will have your contacts right at the bat.

You can reach us through our phone line or leave a comment below. For more inquiries, you can email us or you can message us on Facebook.You can purchase business lists via paypal.

Partner with us now.

Your growth is our business.


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